Time to update your haircolor

18 Jan

How helpful is a top 5 with the hottest hair colors 2011-2012..

The color palette this year is very natural, no bright color contrasts but subtle colors.

Here comes the top 5:

  1. Natural red –  red is the new blond.  It looks warm, especially with a copper glow. It’s also elegant and a real fall color. 

2. Angel blonde –  this is a high blond color and for hairdressers a difficult job. If someone asks you; Is that your natural hair color? Your hairstylist did a good job!

3. The fade –  if you’ve chosen for the fade this summer, good choice, don’t change it ! A deep color close to your head and lighter colors at the ends stays in!

4. Strawberry blond –  next to high blond there are more blonde colors as strawberry blond, with a little red.

5. Chocolate brown  –  by this hair color fits another hair trend: high shine. Celebs with this hair color are Natalie Portman, Emma Watson and Jennifer Love Hewitt.


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