Vintage Shopping in Paris

12 Feb

 I have scoured the capital of Fashion to find the best vintage shops in town. Here are my favourites in the City of Light!


Goldie Mama

Yes, it’s in the 20th! But it’s worth the ride. How can one not fall in love with this great shop where the dresses have been washed, ironed and are well presented? And the owners take the time to let you try on the entire shop? You can feel the love and dedication to Vintage fashion here! 50’s skirts, 40’s suits, empire dresses, wacky 70’s tops and multi-era accessories line the walls. And with the ‚Bar a Bonbons’ you feel like being back to the 50 ties. This place is so much fun! And a perfect place for gift hunting. I fell in love with a polka dot petticoat dress for 75 €! Expect prices from 10 € to 120 €. If you can’t make it up on the hill go and check out their online shop! This place keeps your heart warm and the petticoats alive!



Here you find a bargain! Two Parisian brothers run this great shop. Everything is very well presented and in order in this vintage full of leather boots, jackets, dresses, bags and glasses. Get yourself a pair of Doc Martins for only 40 € and how can one say no to lumberjack shirt in perfect condition for 10 €! It’s really difficult to reason with such a bargain! Listening to punk music you will get excited about beautiful military coats from the last century! I loved the purses and leather gloves! Thumbs up!


Created in 1948 today Emmaüs is an international movement made up of the thousands of men and women whose work is motivated by the simple sentences: ‘serve first those who suffer most’ and ‘fight against the causes of poverty’.  You can find an Emmaüs shops everywhere, a nice one is located in the 104 and another one on Rue Oberkampf. And once a year Paris holds the Emmaüs salon! If you go there better be an early bird as this is a major event for every vintage and flea market enthusiat! My friend got a vintage Aigner bag for 10 €, I couldn’t resist the Weill Paris costume for incredible 5 € and Guy Laroche sunglasses for 8 €! If you are in need of a bike or a new desk this is the place! (Furniture delivery service is available.) Save the date: 23rd of July! Emmaüs is real fun and charity! Can it get any better? 


Spirit of Vintage 

First specialised in collecting antique lingerie and corsages the owners of this place are creating their own vintage inspired collection. Lyonnaises silks, laces of Calais and English embroidery let your heart beat faster! Something between retro glamour and sexy chic might be a good definition. Feeling this soft silk on your skin these night dresses (abt 200 €) and corsages make you feel like you are in a black and white movie and Marilyn Monroe is your new best friend! Not only your lover will love you in this but you will love going to bed every night! Check out their online shop! 😉


Featuring vintage fashion & design you can find very well persevered items from  Yves Saint Laurent, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and so on, expect to pay about 190 € for a skirt by YSL or a blouse 85 € by Isabel Marant or APC. Furniture mainly from the years 1950-1970 featuring names like Pierre Paulin, Saarinen, Florence Knoll, Jacques Hitier, Max or Sauzé Torsten Thorup and Claus Boderup is in store too! Odetta offers a very fine selection to vintage lovers!


In the heart of Paris you find this upscale vintage boutique. This is the place to go for a special occasion, here you can find a lovely silk scarf at 20 €, dresses of all ages from 70 € to 300 €, a Chanel cashmere sweaters (70 €) or sunglasses from the 60’s. Or knock yourself out with a Courrèges dress but expect to pay something about 700 €.

Mon Amour

This little store in the Marais keeps real treasures! They have a fine selection of designer vintages items from a clutch back from the 40’s to a hot skirt from YSL. Their collection focused on the 70’s to the 90’s but although features secondhand designer dresses from the recent seasons! If you wish to learn about the art of wearing vintage check out their blog!




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