La Boutique Ephémère #9

21 Mar


This pop-up shop will give you the opportunity to check out young French and European designers showing their original and premium-quality work! 

It´s more than just a shop, it´s a shopping experience. The first time I came across this pop-up store a friend and I just quickly sneaked in to check out why this gallery is so busy at 2pm…Well and I admit there was beautiful clutch winking at me… So you go in and find that it´s a pop-up shop giving young creatives and new brands the chance to make themselves known… and you the chance to get our hands on some unique high-quality items!

Boutique Ephémère developed by Marthe Lazarus is hold about  every  10 weeks and open to public for 3 days featuring fashion, accessories and jewelry. To celebrate spring, the 9th edition of the sale is hosted at the Gallery Joseph in Paris. But there is more! You not only get to discover fresh designer work in real instead of shopping online, you get to meet them yourself. That´s a really lovely experience talking the people, seeing how passionate they are about what they do. It still gets better: Boutique Ephémère  invites to each of its editions some of the best representatives of the young music scene from acoustic musicians to DJ´s. #9 spins the tunes from 6pm on!

Indulge yourself with this amazing place that will offer you a new way of shopping, admission is free so you don´t have any more excuses not to go and have a look!

In a nutshell:

La Boutique Ephémère #9 “Vive le Printemps”

From March 22 to 24, 2013 – Free admission

Galerie Joseph 7, Rue Froissart Paris 3e 



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